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How can you share your passion?

Make a video about yourself! We will post it on our website and people will vote for the place we visit next. If we see you have a lot of passion for life and cooking , we will visit you, learn about your traditions, share and document your culture. You can come to Taiwan and expirence our food, traditions and culture. We will sponsor your air ticket, room and board. Through this project you will share your passion with everyone. Come see Taiwan and have a great cooking experience.

How do I send you a video?

Make a video about yourself! Create and upload your videos to a video account such as. . .


After your videos are created send us a link to your videos. You can find this link in your browser address bar or embed/share options in your video interface. Copy past this link out of the address bar and into are form comment box. The address should look something like this…

Are there other contact options?

Tel:  +886 933606303
Address:  Taiwan national, Xizhi City, Taipei County, No. 95 Second Street
ATTN: Amy Tsai

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