About Travel Kitchen!

Travel Kitchen shares life and culture– from everywhere, for everyone. We find people who are passionate about life and love cooking. I visit them, we cook and exchange our culture. The process of cooking allows a person to experience traditional local cultures– from gathering ingredients to the way the dishes are prepared and served. I document each experience and share it online.

Why am I doing this?

Because every time I travel I am inspired. I am inspired by local foods, traditions, the people and experiences. I make more friends and my cooking is more creative. Cooking is not just about eating, it’s about sharing our lives. Many people don’t have the opportunity to travel or meet people from other places so I created Travel Kitchen to share these experiences. The Travel Kitchen is not only about food, it’s about more passionate living.

How can you share your passion?

Make a video about yourself, and please email to “treecafetw@gmail.com”, we may share it on web if it’s really nice!! And If we see you have a lot of passion for life and cooking and also have special background, we will visit you, and bring the Taiwanese cuisine and exchange with your’s, and in the visit I will shoot my whole trip to make a documentary. But first You have to promise to join our Cooking Tour, Cooking Tour it’s about come to Taiwan and experience our food, traditions and culture. We will sponsor your air ticket, accommodation and board. Through this project you will share your passion with everyone also have chance to Come see Taiwan and have a great cooking experience.